Saturday, December 7, 2013

New York | Home, Sweet Home

The 76-foot tall Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center lit by 45,000 energy efficient LED lights

On Wednesday I finally made it back to my home in New York. My small Upper West Side apartment felt like a palace and the neighborhood was a comfortable, reassuring place; it is interesting how places change in our perceptions. Yesterday I walked again through my neighborhood and doing simple errands was like a treat: a visit to Apple Store and its "genius"  bar, shopping at Trader Joe's. I missed so much the crowded street, the density of this city as well as familiar places and comfort which I was not able to replace in my almost nine months.
Yesterday we drove by Fifth Avenue, as it was raining heavily. The Christmas decorations, bright lights brought reassurance to the difficult family situation I am currently facing; 2013 has been definitely a challenging year!