Sunday, May 18, 2014

healing | energising water

Same place, different sunset
I did it! The kind Michael suggested jumping in the cold Eastern Beach water to clear off tensions and worries. I was hesitant, as the sun was about to set shortly, but I rushed back to my room, changed clothes and walked down to the Eastern Beach semicircular boardwalk, which surrounds the swimming enclosure. I laid down a towel, performed a head stand, then took the steel staircase to the water. The extremely cold bay water reminded me of the Atlantic Ocean in the other hemisphere of the planet, namely Cohasset, Massachusetts. I was able to swimming probably no more than 25 meter, then I returned to the boardwalk. While I was drying off I experienced a calming positive energy and was also rewarded with a remarkable view of the green grass lit by the sun setting in an intense grey sky. At the northeast side of the sky a rainbow appeared. I regretted not bringing my phone/camera.

A 2200 meter walk and 24 meter swim