Friday, March 6, 2015

Fairs | "Armory Show: Contemporary" ars as τέχνηPop

Below are snapshots from my yesterday visit to the "Armory Show: Contemporary" illustrating the most interesting examples of intersection of art and technology, often in installations. And of course, there were many chances for selfies framed in/by artwork.

Apologies for the missing captions/credits (coming soon).

from Kavi Gupta Gallery (Chicago Berlin)

Layered drawings on glass from Tang Contemporary Art (Beijing)
Hans Op de Beeck from Galerie Ron Mandos (Amsterdam)

Multimedia installation from Aanant & Zoo Galerie (Berlin)

Dan Graham from Lisson (London, New York, Miami)

Brian Bress at Cherry and Martin Tang

Pop Culture from Pierogi (Brooklyn)

Berta Fisher's Plexiglas at James Fuentes (New York)

Dodecahedra in different media from Norther Europe: above Andersen Contemporary (Copenhagen)
and below, 
Sies + Hoke (Dusseldorf)