Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, International Women's Day

Siamo in tante siam più della metà 
lo siamo sempre state in questa umanità.
Today is International Womens' Day.The above words are rhymes chanted during feminist marchs in Italy a few decades ago. My memories from the teenager years recollect this chanting among the debate about difference between women emancipation and liberation. 

Today, March 8 2015, even Google homepage has a composite of vignettes picturing women's achievements. Yet not all women are representative of the female identity and histories.  This day should be especially a celebration of all the unprivileged women, who have been suffering from economical and social injustice.

Uncannily, in New York today  is also the first day of seasonally mild temperature, after months of almost uninterrupted harshly cold weather and snowstorms. Is spring finally coming? 

In the meantime, hoping for a seasonal and metaphorical spring to  finally arrive, I  wish:

Happy Women's Day!

In celebration of our diversity
and recognition
of our individual beauty, creativity, strength, compassion and fairness!