Sunday, March 15, 2020

15.03.2020 | Covid-19 | Journal of Resilience: Walking

Strivers Row in the St. Nicholas District in Harlem
Today has been the last day of usual life, perhaps in weeks or months? It was a quiet sunny day and I enjoyed, walking through historic Harlem, starting in Sugar Hill. During my strolls, I passed by St. Nicholas Park and the Hamilton Grange National Memorial, the country home in Alexander Hamilton's Harlem estate.

Strivers Row, West139 Street

I also attended two vernissages, the first one in Sugar Hill, at the interesting space MBnb, hosting the Broodthaers Society of America, devoted to scholarly work about Marcel Broodthaers. The second vernissages was at White Box in East Harlem and it was quite timely, titled "Exodus II : Unhinging the Great Wall: Chinese Art Revealed"

From WhiteBox space in East Harlem.
 On my way back home I heard the news about closing of bars and restaurants starting at 9pm tonight in NYC.