Thursday, March 19, 2020

19.03.2020 | A Journal of Resilience: a Different Vernal Equinox Celebration

The March equinox will occur tonight at 11:49 pm EDT (21 March at 3:49 am UTC). It is the earliest spring arrival in 124 years. But this year the arrival of spring is almost unnoticed when the annual worldwide celebration are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The news are alarming: the death toll in my country, Italy, have surpassed China reaching the number of 3405. 

I usually I celebrate the solar annual events—solstices and equinoxes—in a small gathering of people with participatory performative actions at sunset. This year of course it will not happen: "social distancing" is a recurrent term in the current vocabulary, addressing precautions that everybody should follow: staying at least six feet away from other people lessens chances of being infected by the COVID-19 virus."

Spatial awareness is inspired by Rudolph Laban’s concept of kinesphere, which wa clearly defined in Choreutics as the spherical space surrounding the human body and reachable by extension of arms and legs (Laban 1966, 10), without stepping away from that place which is the point of support when standing on one foot, which we shall call the "stance." He defines the kinesphere also as a personal space that changes as we step away from it—and define a new stance. The sphere surrounding our moving body is always with us “like an aura” (Laban 1966, 10).