Sunday, February 8, 2009

What this blog was supposed be...and what is evolving into

When I started this blog I was anticipitating sharing views of the world through the eyes of artists looking at other artists work and writers writing on other writes' writings. Or viceversa. And musicians posting clips of their compositions. And poets posting poems.

The blog was supposed to be about making culture and our contributions to the world of images, words and sounds. A journal of aesthetics and sharing our perceptions and thoughts.

So far it has not happened. I am realizing how a big portion of my time is instead wasted to solve problems derived by around other people's disfunctionality and dishonesty. This last week has been a confirmation of it. Perhaps the blog could be about how we view the world in this context and how solve (or try to solve)all the unnecessaries related events. And the blog could be about how being an intellectual (as somebody using critical thinking) can help ---or perhaps hurt?

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