Sunday, October 2, 2011

Events | Won Dharma Center Opening

Today the US facilities of the Won Dharma Center opened with an official ceremony and service, attended by almost a thousand of people, including pratictioners as well as
visitors; many practitioners come from this event from Korea, where Won Buddhism originated.

The center is located in the Hudson Valley, in the town of Claverack; it is only five miles from Sun Farm, and less than 100 miles from other main spiritual centers in this area, including Kripalu (Stockbridge, Ma), Tendai, Zen Mountain Monastery (Mount Tremper, NY), Tendai Buddhist Institute (Canaan, NY).
As Robin Andrews, the Claverack town supervisor mentioned in her ceremonial speech, the Claverack name is the contraction of the Dutch word for "Clover Fields" and the clover leaf has a widespread symbolism, welcoming the new center focus on peace.

The name Won Dharma Buddhism comprises the words Won meaning ‘circle’ which symbolizes the ultimate reality or our true nature. From the Won Dharma Center mission:
 The Three Jewels in Buddhism are:  Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.  These are the refuges where practitioners find true peace and freedom.
Buddha means the awakened one, the embodiment of the truth within ourselves.
Dharma is the teaching of the realized one; it is the path to restore our true self or inner light.
Sangha means the spiritual community or an assembly where like-minded people live, study and practice together for a common purpose.
To learn more visit the Won Dharma Center site