Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vernissages, Milano, October 12 | Monica Castiglioni “New York - A Glimpse in the Puddle”

Reality is in our perceptions.
This statement is universally true and mentioned in many different forms and contexts, —from Buddhism, to Western and Eastern philosophy. The relativity of perception  in “New York - A Glimpse in the Puddle”, is also the theme of Monica Castiglioni exhibition  at Galleria Francesco Zanuso. The work presented in this exhibition shows how:
New York City has been photographed countless times by different artists with different approaches. Now, the city is depicted in a brand new way: reflected into a puddle, seen through the eyes of a passionate, istinctive, down-to-earth and ironical artist with unrelentless energy.
A tribute to New York City, a virtual trip from the past to the present and towards the future filled with feelings of transience, sadness and hope. A puddle in a street is like a temporary natural and symbolic mirror: the inconsistency of a reflection and of the primal image reflected into it which becomes abstract and recalls a different dimension away from its own.
A puddle is a way of expressing hope: the calm......after the storm. Monica Castiglioni adds: “If rain is made of tears from the earth, I like thinking that there’s always the sun shining behind the clouds and sooner or later everything will come to a new life”.

The exhibition, curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti, will be on view until October 25.

Galleria Francesco Zanuso
Mondays to Fridays 3.30 p.m. to 7.30 pm 26, Corso di Porta Vigentina