Wednesday, February 15, 2012

camminando + vernissage | NYC, February 14

I started my walk with Central Park night perceptions: skyline perceived through the trees silhouettes. The park driveways are crowded with runners.

Bill Jacklin @ Marlborough Gallery 

Bill Jacklin's paintings with the artist perceptions of of New York urban scenes reminded me of my own meanderings.

Walking Playlist:
All my playlist were mysteriously deleted, so I started playing songs in alphabetical order, sequences of genre and beats were left totally to their title, almost in a I Ching order.  Here it goes:
"About  a Girl" Nirvana
"Alabama" Neil Young
“Alive”   Pearl Jam
"Along the Watchtower"Jimi Hendrix
"American Pie" Don McLean
“Aneurysm”  Nirvana
"Anna Begins" Counting Crows
"Anthem" Good Charlotte
Walk total length: 5.5 km