Friday, February 3, 2012

Events| NYC February 2

Latitude 40.73N | Longitude 74.75W
SunRise: 07:05:33  EST | SunSet: 17:14:10 EST
At 9pm EST, 36° F feels like 28° Wind from NNW at 12 mph
Strolling along Tenth Avenue
 Luka Finesein Phase Transitions @ Hosfelt
"Using frost, foam, food, glitter, viscous liquids and molten metal, German artist Luka Fineisen presents ambitious sculptural works that explore moments of becoming. This exhibition is the premiere of Fineisen's work in the United States."Phase transitions" is the term used in thermodynamics to describe the shifts between solid, liquid and gaseous states of matter. At a literal level, this is what Fineisen represents in her work - tipping points - the transitional moments when a substance changes from one condition to another. While playing with formal sculptural concerns of modernism and post-minimalism, she explores movement, evanescence and potential..."
 Alec Soth Broken Manual @ Sean Kelly
 Fré Ilgen ShapingPresence at Sundaram Tagore

 Zimoun Volume at Bitforms

Walking playlist
"Skateway" Dire Straits
"Personal Jesus" Depeche Mode
“Beat It”   Michael Jackson
"The Whole of the Moon" Waterboys
"You Are a Tourist" Death Cab for Cutie
“Push It”  Salt n Pepa

Walk total length: 7.2 miles