Monday, February 13, 2012

Exhibitions | Topological Meditations

My contribution to the exhibition "CUTS" at the the Museum of Imagination (named after André Malraux musée imaginaire)


Forces create space and… cuts make a plane evolve into a three-dimensional surface.

The installation Topological Meditations explores the geometric expressions of cuts into different types of materials, from aluminum to polycarbonate and paper. The cut in a material has the multiple function of shaping a form as well as providing the structural stability of the form —as the twisting and bending of the two dimensional elements creates rigidity, or illusionary perception of three-dimensionality from a two-dimensional composition.

Ringing Inside Out cuts the material to create Borromean rings —three topological circles linked together. Removing any ring breaks the link. In the installation each rings is based on the Möbius strip, a non-orientable surface, with only one side and one boundary surface: there is no up or down and no inside or outside.

The cuts in the paper in the trompe-l'œil collage Wall Blossom1: Semicircular Expansion make a three-dimensional form emerge from the two-dimensional plane of the walls. 

Wall Blossom 2: Linear Waves is cut to shape free form fluid three-dimensional surfaces from a two-dimensional material, exploring non-continuous topological deformations.

Topological Meditations is part of The Mathematical Sublime, a series of design objects and artwork exploring the Kantian theme, in different media and scale, from earthworks to video and Rapid Prototyping wearable art.