Sunday, October 13, 2013

camminando | A Sunny Spring Day in Melbourne

It is finally Saturday: my week was of the series which can be synthesized by  Friedrich Nietzsche's quote "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Unfortunately these weeks are getting increasingly frequent in my PhD journey. This one was topped also by a very painful episode of ingratitude which I found extremely upsetting for my present state of vulnerability. Creativity has always been a survival means throughout my life but I am learning that probably is a personal process and often in academic environment cannot be shared. Another famous quote, by Oscar Wilde “No good deed goes unpunished” can be used as description.
Spending the day in Melbourne offered a welcomed distraction in the change of scene. I never thought I would crave cities and density so much!

 "Sound Bites" at the RMIT gallery

 Pro Choice and Anti Abortion rallies clashing in Flinders Street

 Public Art along the Yarra River
The ACCA is showing a Tacita Dean's installation

 A polyhedral sculpture at National Gallery of Victoria

 Demonstrating against GMO

 Views along the Yarra River