Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thoughts & Actions | Finding the Warrior

After an uplifting time at Hanging Rock the day before, yesterday I started experiencing an increasing pain in my ankle and sheen, probably a tendinitis, almost incapacitating in terms of physical exercise and walking. I tried not to let it interfere with the positive energy experienced a day earlier, and tried to modify my hatha yoga practice to asanas which would not put any strain on my mysteriously injured leg. While I practice sirsasana (headstand) three times a day with tendinitis this inversion requires a lot of modifications; on the counterside I always found extremely challenging bakāsana (crane pose, known as crow); but with my injury this pose was one of the few which would could be practiced without a major physical stress.
Once again hatha yoga taught me a lesson: life is often about modification and compensation. Both can bring positive experience as long as we are able to find the warrior inside.

My present challenge is a big one: weight loss. Since when I moved to Australia I am eating a lot of comfort food, which has become a sort of addiction (especially for dessert and meats). So far I have not been successful in cutting down the unnecessary food; hopefully moving to a new place, it will make me return to the pesco ovo vegetarian diet I had when living in NYC.