Saturday, October 26, 2013

camminando | On the Rocks (Great Dividing Range)

After several weeks of stress, sadness, frustration  and depression, I have experienced once again the healing power of nature. Strangely this rediscovered calm and positive energy happened right in the inauspicious Hanging Rock (Victoria, Australia) This volcanic formation, is well known for Joan Lindasy's novel and Peter Weir's movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock" ---narrating the mysterious disappearing of three girls and a teacher.
The captivating beauty of this magical place inspires to meander in the labyrinthian outcrops. Layer of rocks frame distant bucolic views of green fields, or just the sky; the countless rocks seem also to play pick-a-boo with the sun.
It was only a fifty minutes hike, yet my energy and positive thinking seem to be finally back ---at least until the beginning of next week.