Monday, April 6, 2020

04.04.2020 | A Journal of Resilience: Spatial Awareness

These days the perception of time is distorted; weeks pass by without almost noticing, any day seems to blur into the next. It has been almost four weeks since the ordinance of closure of bars, restaurant and other non-essential businesses, on March 15.
I am working on personal spatial constructs either in my living space or on places generated by my own moving body.

I walk through city whenever I can; social distancing does not bother me, actually makes me feel comfortable as spatial awareness. Unfortunately there are still a lot of arrogant people, disregarding any measure and invading others' moving space. What's new?

I practice "Finding the Axis Mundi" in my home/studio daily. Every day I explore something different in the geometry of the icosahedron.
West End Avenue: no cars at 1pm
Spring is here: Riverside Park
New Yorkers are supposed to wear mask while outdoor: wooden bears in Columbus Avenue
It's 7pm and in NYC we clap to celebrate the essential workers
keeping the city functioning in this dire times.
A view from my window.

My daily movement practice in the icosahedron as spatial awareness