Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Journal of Resistance During COVID-19 | Another Week...

Another week passed. I am still healthy and serene despite the various harassments, but the past week has been extremely challenging.  In extreme circumstances like those we are currently living with the paradigm shift brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, people should be more focused on positive human values instead of greed and hatred. Such loss of human life, happening so fast and unexpectedly, should teach how vulnerable we are and that we should live compassionately, valuing constructive endeavors in respect of ourselves, the others and the environment.
       Instead I am still dealing with the greed from my ex-husband. He dragged me for several years in a brutal corrupt divorce litigation, ruled by a former judge and where I did not have proper legal representation, My divorce story is not unique; I am joined by over a thousand other people who had to suffer tremendous injustice, as you can read in this petition.  Even during COVID-19 is still taking advantage of me, not only financially but also destroying my artwork at Sun Farm

Sun Farm
    Another challenge in the past month of "stay home" has been the daily exposure to the inconsiderate and rude behavior of the neighbors from the apartment upstairs. Completely disrespectful of the extenuating circumstances they violate my right to quiet in my home, with annoying noises. Luckily I can still resort to my movement practice in my inner sanctum, the icosahedron.
The Icosahedron, my Inner Sanctum