Saturday, April 11, 2020

11.04.2020 | A Journal of Resilience in COVID19: Spring Is Still Here

Spring day in Riverside Park, Saturday April 11
The pandemic continues; as of today the US has the highest number of confirmed cases (over 532940 at time of writing, Saturday night April 11) with deaths surpassing 20,000. The NY Times today published an article titled "He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus."

Ironically, Easter will be tomorrow: it is my favorite holiday, the celebration of spring and rebirth of nature. In New York nature still celebrates spring. Today I have been walking over 4 miles throughout Riverside Park and Central Park. alway keeping social distancing while practicing social awareness.

I am still dealing with unsettling personal issues, as PTSD related to a brutal divorce, recovering from domestic abuse. Yet I am grateful for being healthy, so far, while still enjoying life.

The US Navy Hospital ship Comfort docked by Pier 90, ready to receive COVID19 patients
An almost deserted Times Square, Tuesday April 7

Spring day in Riverside Park, Saturday April 11

Tents from a field hospital in Central Park, Fifth Avenue,  and 96 Street, across from Mt. Sinai.
Few hundreds feet east of the field hospital, a majestic sunset from the Central Park Reservoir