Sunday, May 22, 2011

Commentary | An Author Publishing Nightmare

I look at my weekly calendar and I see Tuesday May 24 marked as “book signing”.
The place is the “BE Together”conference in Philadelphia, organized by Bentley Systems.
The book is “Form, Geometry, Structure | from Nature to Design” and the publisher is Bentley Institute Press.

But there will be no book signing, since there is no printed book. A few numbers —an excerpt from hundreds of related communications— to summarize the agony of the book author:
  • A completed manuscript with images was submitted on May 10, 2010.
  • According to an email dated June 2 2010 the book “should go to print no later than August”
  • In a September 2010 conversation the book publication has been postponed to the October 2010 Acadia conference.
  • In an email dated January 6, the book publication is announced for the Smart Geometry conference (March 2011).
  • In an email dated March 25 I am invited to do a book signing on May 24, at the opening reception of the BE Together Conference.
  • In an email dated April 5, after noticing once again lack of progress in production, I inquiry about a firm publication date. The same day I receive a reply “We will have the book finished for the author signing in May.”

Any insight to solve the mystery of this book not being published would be greatly appreciated.