Monday, May 9, 2011

Vernissages NYC | Robert Mapplethorpe 50 Americans at Sean Kelly Gallery

Racially mixed embraces, AIDS sufferers, frankly passionate and highly-charged images of men and women, along with mesmerizing photos of flowers, and tender images of loved ones—-all appear in Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos from the late 1970s-1980s. Mainstream at the time—-definitely not.

But a generation later, Americans responded to the invitation by the Sean Kelly Gallery to pick an image that resonated with them personally. The selected image, along with the respondent’s response—-one from each of the 50 states—-is on view at the Gallery. And a diverse group of respondents it is: they range in age from their 20s to one individual who is over 100; they live in rural and urban settings; and they work in various professions.

Clearly, the respondents resonate to the humanity depicted in the photos, with 37 being of people or bodily parts of people, including hands, heads, torsos, etc. Flowers and landscapes were selected by 11 respondents.

A handsomely and respectfully presented exhibition.
Elizabeth Davis

Robert Mapplethorpe
50 Americans

at Sean Kelly Gallery
May 7 through June 18