Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vernissages NYC | Gego and the Beauty of Geometry

"GEGO: Prints & Drawings 1963-1991" opened tonight at the Frederico Sève Gallery. The exhibition features prints, drawings and a book by the German born, Venezuelan artist, Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt, 1912-1994). A quote from the artist introduces her artwork: "The clean and well-defined form that live around us are proof of the greatness of formations and creations beyond what is visible on Earth".
I feel very connected with Gego: she was too an artist and architect, and her work, like mine, focused on geometry and space. In Gego, lines are the main subject as creation of a vocabulary of complex forms derived from simple elements and are explored in different media, from drawings and prints to steel wire sculptures —expanding from the two-dimensional place to three-dimensional space.
Gego's ouvre can be associated to minimalism, kinetic and other geometry based art movements, similarly to Sol Lewitt, Yahoi Kusama, Jesus Rafael Soto , Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica. As an explorer of the geometry of the virtual worlds I wonder what her work would be like if she had available contemporary digital media...

More work celebrating the beauty of geometry in display at the gallery:

Jesus Rafael Soto "Incliné bleu et noir" , 1966

Omar Rayo "Witoto", 1970

GEGO: Prints & Drawings 1963-1991
Frederico Sève Gallery
37 West 57 Street
New York
May 25 – July 7, 2011