Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camminando........................................ | NYC :: Good Morning Sunshine!

It has become an habit in this hot and humid May to set up the alarm clock at 5am and make my way to the Central Park Belvedere. NYC streets at 5am offer a total different urban scape from the usual: very few cars and runners, still the background noise of the city starting its day. Entering the park I hear the usual concert of birds greeting the transition from darkness to light. It always amazes me how sounds can be associated to places ---I believe it is referred to as sound ecology.

My walkabouts take me through the Shakespeare Gardens and finally I arrive to my destination. Witnessing the sun rising is like being part of a ritual, one of the greatest rituals in the universe, which never misses to fill me with a sense of awe, while I quietly admire the beauty, experiencing what Giuseppe Ungaretti described:


An for several minutes, I am queen of the castle. Good morning sunshine!