Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thoughts | My entry in the NY Times "Moment in Time"

It is definitely not one of my best self portrait for how posture, look and in terms of composition, exposure, focus ---and all the other requisites which make an aesthetically good photo. But for me this photo is very important as a metaphor of standing strong in front of adversities.

May 2 was an unusually hot and humid (for north-east spring standards) day; the light at 11 am was totally uninspiring: the sun too high and too far from being on its meridian. So uninspiring was also entering a photo in a such a conservative and exclusive publication like the NY Times where you have to extremely well connected ---or get shot or arrested with major charges--- to be featured. Yoga (as a belief system, beyond trying to stretch like a pretzel) helped, as it has already in many times in my life.
I chose the virabhadrasana II (warrior pose II): take a deep breath, gain energy and, most of all, live fully every moment in life!
Hazy, hot and humid at latitude 42d10', longitude73d40', 15:00 (U.T.C.). In this dully anonymous time of the day and unglamorous light I am aligning to the Sun --and to my shadow--- in warrior II, trying to regain energy.
My dedication is to acceptance.