Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts | Words, Semantics and Arrongance

Yesterday I received an email from a PR person of a well known manufacturer exhibiting at the ICFF. She was upset because in my post I mentioned her firm product defining it "interesting but not new". She wrote that the product was new in the manufacturer line. Her email impressed me for two different reasons:
  1. the lack of interpretation in the semantics of the word "new" I was referring to the overall meaning of the word new in the context of product design, not specifically to her manufacturer line
  2. the language she used and arrogant tone of her letter
I removed the mention, and started wondering...and I feel quoting Francesco Guccini L'Avvelenata:
"Ma s' io avessi previsto tutto questo, dati causa e pretesto, le attuali conclusioni..."

PS Guccini in his lyrics writes of "quattro soldi"; I even don't get those from this blog....