Monday, May 31, 2010

Exhibitions | Mountain Dale, One Acre Plot

Paul Jacobsen’s mobile dwelling

Finally a true "art in the land" exhibition not too far from New York City. One-Acre Plot is not only about casually placing sculptural objects in the landscape ---as the majority of outdoor art shows-- but truly interacts with the landscape. In the words of the curators Josh Druckman and Andrea Hill:
"Agrarian livelihood has historically depended on patience, observation, resourcefulness, physical struggle and a give (labor) and take (harvest), all which create a stake and long-term relationship with land. Majestic Farm is a 77-acre property in Mountain Dale, NY comprised of pasture, woods, livestock, garden, pond and barn. Stewarded by Brett and Sara Budde who wrestle daily with the realities of their vision, the farm is considered in this exhibition as a site of laborious intervention. Local Sullivan County artists and New York City based artists will make truly site specific work that is responsive to Majestic Farm or to facets of the agrarian principles in short-term residencies hosted by the farm."
One-Acre Plot is on view through July 10th. At the conclusion of the show, the property will be open to the public on appointment.
Majestic Farm
134 Majestic Road
Mountain Dale, NY

Michael DeLucia chain-link fence sculpture

Mark McNamara