Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art Fairs | NYC, Armory Week: The Armory Show , Pier 94

What Happens to Art in an Art Fair?
to be continued....

Here are my first (mainly) visual impressions walking through one of the main international art commercial venues. It is interesting how art based on objects are presented, in a space which has no resemblance with "an art container."
It feels like that dealers, collectors, "vip" lounges, security guards, markets (mainly secondary), gallerinas, dominate the scene. And this is not something completely new, largely present in the Chelsea galleries "art" scenes, but perceived at the extremely large urban scale of the Pier 94, makes a special impression. And the lighting?!?!?
Installations and video and process bases art are still present. A few pleasant exceptions, mainly from European Galleries ---which I will post later....