Friday, March 4, 2011

Art Fairs | NYC, Armory Week: Volta

After experiencing the Armory Show at Pier 94 visiting Volta and Pulse have provided a very refreshing experience.
Both fair ---although the indisputable focus on selling art, synonymous with fair--- still preserve art as practice and engaged the visitor in an aesthetic presentation/discourse.
Volta presented more innovative and technology based works. I liked the coherence of the presentations; even the homogeneously designed fliers show the galleries effort to engage with the fair attendants, not only with the art collectors.
Besides the widespread single video and multi-channel video installations ---present in almost all the fairs of the Armory week--- Volta presented artworks dealing more specifically with technologically inspired works.

My favorite was Joyce Hinterding's science and form based works presented by the Breenspace gallery in Sydney. Probably for the several affinities with my work..

The mathematical work by Joohyun Kim, dealing with quasi-crystals and other geometrical interesting shapes was realized in many different media, presented by Gallery Simon based in Seoul.

Fun to watch the video "divers" and "swimming pools" by Christina Benz presented by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery (London).

Paper sculpture by Jill Sylvia, Magrorocca (Milan)

Interactive installations by Daniel Rozin, Bitforms Gallery, New York

Lobby installation by Michael Decker

Many more images to post and very little I am concluding with Laurina Paperina quotina Marina ---names rhyming not to be missed!
for more information visit the Volta NY site