Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vernissages NYC | Chelsea, March 5

" an artist he has cut through the sentiment and guilt surrounding the AIDS crisis and made art directly about homosexuality. In his determination to make the private public, he has also gone beyond specific thematic material to forge a unique combination of politics and spirituality, of the known and the unknown"
Lucy Lippard, 1990

In the bustling art fair atmosphere of the Armory Week, a powerfully exhibition of art not just as business: Spirituality – paintings, photographs, sculptures and film by David Wojnarowicz from 1979-1990 -- is on view at PPOW.
This exhibit present also the uncensored version of "A Fire in My Belly", which was recently in the news as being censored for the exhibition "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture" at the National Portrait Gallery.

David Wojnarowicz "Spirituality" at PPOW

Another powerful exhibition, although of totally different nature, opened last night at Paula Cooper Gallery, with three-dimensional works by John Chamberlain, spanning four decades of the artist’s career.
"With works ranging from 1962 through 1990, the exhibition will present a selection of free-standing pieces and wall sculptures made in Chamberlain’s iconic idiom of crushed metal from car bodies and other detritus of modern industrial society."
The exhibition will remain on view through April 2, 2011.

John Chamberlain at Paula Cooper Gallery