Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vernissages NYC | Joseph Kosuth "Joseph Kosuth 'Texts (Waiting for-) for Nothing' Samuel Beckett, in play"

  • words and meaning
  • the presence of meaning and the meaning of absence
  • the meaning of art and the aesthetics of meaning,
  • images of words from words on images
  • language as art and the art of language
  • .....
Just a few of the many thoughts provoked by visiting Joseph Kosuth 'Texts (Waiting for-) for Nothing' Samuel Beckett, in play, which opened yesterday at Sean Kelly. A visually powerful, important and, of course, meaningful (monochromatic) exhibition by one of the most (and first) famous conceptual artists.

And a of course a few images...

The exhibition includes, besides the new project based on Samuel Beckett, also two other historic installation works: the artist’s first gallery exhibition Nothing, premiered in Los Angeles in 1968, and neon installation work based on James Joyce’s Ulysses, from 1998.

March 30 through April 30, 2011
for more information Sean Kelly Gallery